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Rodent Control

For effective, lasting results in rodent control, call SWAT Pest Control.

We have the local expertise and knowledge to achieve the results you expect, and we are right on your doorstep!

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Norway Rat
Norway Rat

What do I need to know about rodents?

  • Nearly blind, they use their sense of touch for guidance travelling along walls and objects
  • Have memorized muscle movement in which they essentially memorise their surroundings
  • Use their sense of smell to find food
  • Omnivorous foragers eating a variety of food - grains, meats, fish, fruits etc.
  • Remember the foods that made them ill and avoid them in future
  • Nocturnal creatures, typically feeding at night to avoid predators
  • Hoard food in places where they feel comfortable to feed
  • Can chew through almost anything, damaging plumbing and electrical fittings
  • Prevalent and exist in all climates
  • Found both indoors and out
  • Excellent climbers

Rodent Control Tips

  • Consistent hygiene practises to eliminate food source, rodents will consume any discarded food by humans
  • Keep grass and vegetation cut short; tall grass protects rodents from predators
  • Harvest ripe fruit from trees growing on the property and pick up any rotting fruit on the ground
  • Keep overhanging trees cut back, overhanging trees provide dark shadowy areas where rodents feel safe
  • Piles of debris should be removed from exterior of building
  • Tightly sealed lids on rubbish bins and skip bins
  • large enough to prevent spill over.
  • Rubbish bins and skip bins emptied regularly
  • Pick up pet faeces around property

Does DIY rodent control work?

The process can be lengthy and costly with no guarantees the problem will be solved, especially when attempts at treatment cause your rodents to become bait shy.

Please note: most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by rodents!

Rodent Chewed Wires
Rodent Infested Switchboard