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Ant Control

For effective, lasting results in ant control, call SWAT Pest Control.
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What do I need to know about ants?

New Zealand has 40 identified ant species that play a key role in New Zealand’s ecosystem. They are known to be a beneficial predator of cockroach nymphs, they also play an important role in spreading the seeds of native plants, and of removing waste from our environment.

However, when ants leave their nests in search of food, and stumble into our homes and gardens, they become a problem.  Ants live in colonies, so seeing a trail of ants could be a warning sign there is an army not too far behind.  Early recognition of unwelcome ants can be a game changer when defending your home.


If left untreated how big of a problem can ants become?

We are fortunate in New Zealand that our ants are fairly timid and we don’t face major risks from their bites, however, they still pose inconvenience and problems.  The main issues are:

  • Building nests in unwelcome places, like under garden features, pathways, or more disturbingly in the walls of your home 
  • Unsightly trail of ants on your counters and floors as they follow tiny droplets of pheromone providing a GPS to an identified food source, possibly your jam jar!
  • Food contamination
  • Ants live for more than 10 years and the queen ant will lay millions of eggs in her lifetime, sometimes over 800 a day... so the colony grows very quickly

Ant Control Tips

Quick and effective measures to help reduce your ant population:

  • Clean up any crumbs or liquids that may be a potential food source
  • Seal and wrap food to prevent ant access
  • Don't let dishes build up in your sink or on your bench
  • Pet food and water bowls are a great source of food for ants, so choose carefully where to position these
  • In food preparation areas keep benches, walls and floors clean as grease and oil are a delight to specific ant species
  • Regular rubbish removal

While preventative efforts are helpful, if you are already seeing ants, it is the nest that needs to be treated. Some things to consider are:

  • Ants live more than 10 years
  • Queen ants will lay millions of eggs in her lifetime, sometimes over 800 a day
  • Ants leave pheromones, which other ants use as their own satnav
  • Ants work in colonies, so fly spraying a trail of ants won’t reach the source

Does DIY ant control work?

You can spend a lot of time, energy and money trying different home remedies only to find that the most effective, long-lasting solution came from calling in a professional.