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Carpet Beetle Control

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What are Carpet Beetles?

Household Carpet Beetle Control
Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetle are small beetles that lay their eggs in fibrous material such as your carpeting.  It is during the larval stage of their life cycle when they cause the damage to your property, feeding on your carpet, linen, bedding, drapes and clothing. Adults feed on flower nectar and often inadvertently find their way into our homes as they are flying from flower to flower or by crawling through gaps in widow and door frames.

They are infamous for infesting and permanently damaging our property.

How will I know I have carpet beetle?

Unlike moths, carpet beetles typically feed on one portion of fabric at a time.  Their feeding creates large, isolated holes in the fabric. As beetle larvae feed, they will need to shed their skin to keep growing. Shed carpet beetle skin is translucent, dry and flaky and will be seen where they are feeding.

Carpet Beetle Control Tips:

Carpet beetle are attracted to loose, easily consumed food sources. Although they can chew through whole fabric, they are more likely to seek out damaged or torn fabric. They eat lint, dust, hair-balls, damaged furniture and dead insects. Cleaning up debris that attracts carpet beetle is the single most effective way to prevent them.

  • Regularly vacuum, sweep and dust
  • Regularly change bed linen
  • Go through storage areas in your home looking for possible infestation sites like stored clothing, old rugs, carpeting, and remove these from your home
  • Carpet beetles can be transported inside on a fabric garment or possibly on cut flowers from your garden.