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Borer Control

For effective, lasting results in borer beetle control, call SWAT Pest Control.

We have the local expertise and knowledge to achieve the results you expect, and we are right on your doorstep!

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Why do I need to get rid of borer as soon as it is detected?

If left untreated, the damaged caused by borer can lead to the weakened structural integrity of your home, especially when the timber used in floorboards, joists, frames and trusses has not been preventively treated against these invaders.

Borer are a threat in every form. Learn to identify them and stay ahead of the problem before it's too late!

Call SWAT Pest Control now for a thorough borer examination to determine the extent of the borer infestation and the best treatment for your situation. 

Early borer detection may prevent costly bills associated with repair and replacement.

What do I need to know about borer?

These small beetles nicknamed the Furniture Beetle, are hard to spot, however the damage they leave in the untreated timber of your home and wooden furniture is heartbreaking. Borer are also known as wood worms and termites.

Adult borer are 2mm to 3mm long and can lay up to 100 eggs on bare surfaces of wood or in old flight holes. The larvae hatch from the eggs after 4-6 weeks and bore through the wood feeding and tunnelling for 3 to 5 years. They then enter the pupate stage and after 4 to 8 weeks the adults exit the wood by eating their way to the surface. The cycle is then repeated as the adults fly to find a mate to breed with before dying within 3 to 4 weeks.

Signs of Borer Infestation

Borer Infestation in Wooden Floors
Borer Infestation
  • Round or oval holes with sharp edges in the wood
  • Fine dust also known as 'borer dust' caused by adult beetles emerging from the holes.
  • Wood starts to crumble easily - Flimsy or damaged wood especially floorboards, roofs, etc.
  • Development of tunnels in the wood¬†
  • Dead beetles lying in or around places with wood around